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January 31, 2010


I don’t know what they will wear, but I can tell you who they will be. There will be two shows, one at 12:00 PM SLT and one at 8:00 PM SLT, and there will be different casts for the most part.

Models for the 12:00 Show

Cinna Button QueenBrat Braken Pheobe Narstrom Lunabeam Moonites
Xavier Midal Anita Claven Annette Hummel Keira Soulstar
Khloe Charleston Sweetcandy Gackt Perla Rae Valeria Andretti
Dementia Navarita Kattia Kaestner AmyJade Wirefly Michela Benazzi
Rosalie McBeth Shaniko Zanzibar Mesh Carter Snake Kytori
Vel Charisma Sazzy Oh Valeria Endrizzi Zoey Neutron
Mina Pelazzi Liam Netizen lisiel Andel PureBeauty GossipGirl
arisia Ashmoot Piper Hanriot Lucy Darkmatter Arizona Raymaker

Models for the 8:00 Show Are

Missybear Bearymore Suzanne Xeltentat Xenobia Foxclaw Jamie Meriman
Molly Medlier Slowly Bury Lynn Kristen Anabella Ravellini
Tizzy Silverfall Scooby Scorfield Lorielie Maggs Fire Werefox
Ebony Chantilly Gia Bakerly Christal Firehawk Tandra Parx
Valander Parx Keira Soulstar HoneyBear Lilliehook Xavier Midal
Kandi Fallen Heydon Milton Babe Lannock Dixie Elton
Yzbabelle Fuhrman Reign Congrejo Jeab Kungler Rhonda Penell
Mimosa Nowles Jeni Jennings Leggzz Brandi Roxi Remrandt
CatinaAemiliana Bilavio

Designers for the Designing for Haiti Fashion Show


Alphamale–Gemini Galatea
Gold in the Night–Elisea Carter
Gems and Kisses–Deliziosa Vendetta
Ivanka Akina–Ivanka Akina
Violator–Soraya Vaher
Revnik’s–Bonnie Revnik
Blaze–Blaze Columbia
Simone–Simone Stern
Blacklace–Gemini Galatea
Bliss Couture–Amutey DeCuir
Adam n Eve–Sachi Vixen
Lady Thera–Thera Taurog
My Precious–Agnes Finney
Inga Wind Designs–Inga Wind


CStar Skins–Unico Solo
CUPCAKES–Miro Mimulus

Jewelry and Shoes

GOS–Gospel Voom

When and Where

Where the Money Goes


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